Posted by: caryandjohn | September 23, 2015

Rita Anne … 9/23/1965








What we have once enjoyed, we can never lose.
All that we love deeply becomes part of us.
— Helen Keller



  1. John, you may or not remember us, but Cathy, Kerstin & I were Rita’s roommates at Rutgers. I thought you’d like to know that although we had lost touch with Rita we’ve spent a lot of today remembering her on what would have been her birthday. We were all shocked to learn of her death and Mark’s as well. We wanted you to know that she is missed and we all remember her sweetness and her laugh. Be well.
    Leigh Ann

  2. Hi Leigh Ann,
    Of course I remember Rita Anne’s wonderful friends at Rutgers … I think that was a very happy time in her life, which was of course par for the course for her because she was such a positive person … Thank you so much for your kind note, it is a sad and happy day today to remember Rita Anne, and it is so nice to know she is remembered by her friends, who still recall her sweetness and her wonderful laughter! 🙂
    — John A

  3. I know I will never forget her. She left a deep impact on me and I will take her influence with me wherever I go. I think of her often and smile because she was such a LOVELY person!

  4. Great pictures. still missing her warm smile..

  5. Hey Scott,

    So nice to hear from you as someone who saw Rita Anne grow up
    into the beautiful person she was … we think of her every
    day and are lucky to live so close to her children …

    Hope you and yours are well,
    — John A

  6. Thanks Jeneane,
    Rita Anne was such a quietly determined person, All American lacrosse player, and then going back to school to get the credits she needed to go on to medical school, being one of the head residents at LA General, having a beautiful family, traveling … she created a beautiful home (she always had beautiful places to live in) for her husband and too-young children while she was literally dying … as you say, a lovely, unassuming person … thanks so much for your note! — John A

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