Posted by: caryandjohn | August 28, 2015

Mark and Rita Anne, Sunrises and Sunsets …

Had a couple of days off, so I went off without much of a plan to visit the little memorials Cary made for Rita Anne and Mark that I’ve left up in the Sierras and have visited for two or three years …



Mark was still there, though it looked as if a small brush fire had passed through his crossroad grove of redwoods …



Rita Anne survived the winter nicely … her Juniper tree was in bloom …


Rita Anne’s view … I was nicely surprised to find her right where I’d left her, because the area is well-used by rock climbers … active people who’d have liked Rita Anne (they’d have liked Mark, too, because everyone loved Mark)…

The idea always was that these would be small temporary memorials, but I suppose in the grand scheme of human affairs even granite memorials are temporary … anyway, I brought Mark home for a tune-up and maybe I’ll replace him near Rita Anne next time …


Campsite near Rita Anne, by the 3000 year old Bennett Juniper …


The tree itself … talked to Ken who’s been the caretaker since 1988 …

Ken, in fact, showed me the big polished granite monument put up by the people who purchased the three-and-a-half acres the tree sits on fifty years ago that is now hard to read and falling over “because they didn’t put a foundation under it …”


Alpine glow …


Sunset from Rita Anne’s campsite, where you can also see …


… the sunrise …


Rita Anne’s campfire …


It had been such a beautiful evening and morning, that I decided to go try and camp on top of Mt Patterson, and watch the sunset and sunrise from there … this is the view back towards Sonora Pass near Lake Lobdell …



Good old Mt Patterson … not for the faint-of-heart … you can see three jeeps heading down, after I’d already passed by, thank goodness … πŸ™‚






Some views of the road and switchbacks …



What happens when one’s heart grows faint …

Two views of the same tip-over … I think this is the same turn where Ryan took his recent “three quarters of the way up” pic …



Success … always so happy to see the flag at the top!


The view in the flagpole …



One for Cary and one with the sunglasses …



The club patch and the moon … the wind was blowing … the wind can howl up here, and that’s the risk, but it worked out fine …



Camp, at around 11,000 feet, in a flat spot just protected from the wind by a little rock ridge … no camp-fire wood up here …




Sunset …




… and sunrise …


Watching the sky … some weather …



They have been having thunderstorms in Nevada all summer, so lots of wildflowers still …






The old stone miner’s hut on the way down the next morning … went back down the same way I’d gone up … much less drama on an overloaded KLR going down hill, ha! πŸ™‚


Stopped at Buckeye Hot Springs for a soak … nice on a hot day because the hot pools are hard by a cold mountain stream … had the place to myself, which is unusual …


Last-night sunset near Mark’s old memorial …




Campfire, campsite and sunrise …

Thanks to Cary for her idea to make memorials for Mark and Rita Anne …






  1. beautiful shots!

  2. Rad trip Sweeney! Super good your out there. How was sleepin up top? Cold? Good sunrise? Need to send you a note on new approach. Youve probably seen that road headin north just below the summit on the west side… Its good!

  3. Hey Ryan,
    It was cold, but not bad, mostly due to the wind that blew out of the southwest pretty good … I think you can see that road in some of my tent pics, looked for the turn by the miner’s hut turn, but didn’t see it … from the top I was thinking that I’d like to camp out that north road someday … see you soon!

  4. Sweeney, Yup, the road north, opposite the direction to the miners hut is the one. The start is hard to see as its spread out but if you just start going north you pick it up. It goes a long way north and then eventually you get spit north of Walker, after passing the south sister. The roads in good shape, gets lots of traffic but does have some techy bits for sure. Ill need to show you where the log book is at the summit of patterson too!

  5. YES! Now i see the rest of your picts. They didnt show up before for some reason… Rad camping spot man. Perfect little platform! Glad you did that. Super fun. Sun set looks amazing with the bike perfectly silhouetted on the sky line. Well done Sweeney!

  6. Thanks David, not as pretty as your photos, but I’m learning … all about taking a lot of pics from different angles and then ruthlessly editing, I guess … πŸ™‚

  7. Hey Ryan,
    Drat, I cannot believe there is a log book at the summit, I’ve spent hours looking for it! πŸ™‚
    Be interested to hear that that north road isn’t a simple out-and-back?
    Did you ride through west-to-east through Belfort?
    Have a pal looking to hear if the road still goes through
    from Lake Lobdell over Patterson to Bridgeport …
    talk to you soon,
    — John A

  8. John, you may or not remember us, but Cathy, Kerstin & I were Rita’s roommates at Rutgers. I thought you’d like to know that although we had lost touch with Rita we’ve spent a lot of today remembering her on what would have been her birthday. We were all shocked to learn of her death and Mark’s as well. We wanted you to know that she is missed and we all remember her sweetness and her laugh. Be well.
    Leigh Ann

  9. Hi Leigh Ann,
    Of course I remember Rita Anne’s wonderful friends at Rutgers … I think that was a very happy time in her life, which was of course par for the course for her because she was such a positive person … Thank you so much for your kind note, it is a sad and happy day today to remember Rita Anne, amd it is so nice to know she is remembered by her friends! πŸ™‚
    — John A

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