Posted by: caryandjohn | June 13, 2015

Celebrating Mama Flo’s Retirement

A flew out to Virginia a couple of weeks ago to celebrate my mama’s Retirement from Hanover County School System and her 70th birthday.


Mom’s work gave her an incredible retirement send off on Thursday night and Lori organized a family/friends surprise party on Saturday.  The theme was “bon voyage.” There were luggage tags for people to write notes and little hot air balloons of mama throughout the restaurant and a pretty corsage.




The teachers performed songs from the Sound of Music with the lyrics changed to give mom a hard time.  Here is one of the videos.

They were pretty clever. Mom got such a kick out of it!


They even coordinated having my sister, Mehdi, and the kids- Zach, Selma and Ibrihim skyped in from Morocco and put onto the big screen. My sister and the family each read something to Grandma Mimi … is was very sweet. Here’s Aunt Nancy and Uncle Wynne chatting with Molly at the party…


They took pictures of staff with the Gandy Tigers hat on (close up shots- just like mom has taken over the years) – spelled out the word “Always” with all of the mini photos, framed it and had everyone sign it.  Super sweet!


The next morning we did some hanging out in our PJs, read cards and the lyrics from the songs written at the party.



Buddy the sweet dogIMG_4744

My brother Grant is graduating from High School this year and heading to College at Western Carolina.  He was heading out to practice for graduation .. all decked out in his bowtie and shades. IMG_4743

Grant’s girlfriend Montana stopped by for a quick visit and again before heading out for prom!


We did some more lounging around the house… Schnitzel made himself at home.  Buddy was a little suspicious – haIMG_4750


We looked through old pictures


and came across some good ones…  Here’s one of Uncle Wynne, my mom, Aunt Nancy and Grandma Betty playing cards…


And another of me circa 2000, with my granddads cap


Dinner and conversation


We rested … a little and got ready for another party at the house. Lori organized to have family and friends over and everyone who arrived was a surprise to my mom- even me. I didn’t let mom know I was coming. I thought seriously though that she was going to faint when I got to the house… It occured to me that maybe  I should have given her a little heads up, but she ended up being OK, after hollaring for a minute and saying ‘oh my god’ ha

Selfie with mama after I arrived


Uncle Neil was the first to arrive, pictured here with Mom and Aunt Nancy


Lori, Aunt Nancy, Cousin Mark, Cousin Tammie, Me, Cousin Janet


Schnitzel in his fancy best bowtie (he borrowed it from John!)


Cousin Mark and me- we haven’t seen each other in 10+ years.. too long


Cousin Janet, me and mama


Cousin Bev and mama- Bev is super creative- she made my mom a card and created a DVD of photos from past celebrations and photos from the party (with music and text!)


Mom’s friends from Ashland.  Having these ladies at the party was like having a bunch of mama’s all in one room- it was wonderful seeing all these ladies!


Cousin Janet, Uncle Neil, Cousins Brady and Linda and Uncle Wynne


Uncle Neil and mama looking through old photos.  Uncle Neil particularly loves old photos, this pic was taken within the first 5 min of him arriving to the house 🙂


Later on … after more drinks…



Heading back to SF early morning


Little man slept the whole way… awesome trip


Mama and Lori just got an offer on their house AND Lori got a job offer in North Carolina… They are building a house near Asheville, NC and moving in July. Grant is starting school in the fall at Western Carolina. Ready for the next chapter of their lives! Here’s to more laughing and new adventures! Congrats mama, Lori and Grant! ❤



  1. Great weekend, Cary, nice to see family and friends together- Schnitzel looks great—-Bill

  2. Schnitzel looks exhausted from meeting all those crazy family members. Wish I could have been there!

  3. Ha- schnitzel had so many hugs and lots of snacks! We missed you Liz!

  4. It was such a nice visit! Thanks Bill xxxoxx

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