Posted by: caryandjohn | January 21, 2015

Half Moon Bay and Big Basin Hikes

Cousin Liz and I decided to get out of town for the night in Half Moon Bay. We stayed at the Seal Cove Inn – a bed and breakfast at Moss Beach, which is just down the road from Half Moon Bay


We started out with a pit stop at Alice’s Restaurant in woodside where great roads bring great motorcyclists out for their Sunday morning ride… We ran into our friends Johnny Regan and Windsor on their vintage triumph and Ducati. Windsor was working on the exhaust he had recently mounted on his bike and popped up from @under the hood”

A dog with his rider catching all sorts of attention

Our next stop was Big Basin State Park to check out some big trees and redwood groves…

We happened to be just in time to latch onto a tour with volunteer ranger Barry (and some fellow Native Ohioians) – fun!


Barry took us on a ~6 mile nature hike with stops along the way to point things out, including different types of trees and the history if the park….



Liz and I at the top of the trail

Our next stop was to head to the B&B- a nice ride through the curvy roads and forest… On our way down we noticed a motorcyclist on a big bagger (a large cruiser motorcycle – usually Harley-with luggage)- he was looking a little unsteady- he came around a corner and found himself in the same line as an oncoming car- spooked and tipped over in the road. Liz says I was johnny of the spot with pulling the car off the side of the road and jumping in to help him pick up the bike- ha! He was fine…We got him off to the side of the road, with a broken mount for holding his clutch lever … We didn’t have much in the way of getting it mounted on the bike to help him limp along- I had a band and he had the lace from the hood of his sweatshirt to wrap around and tie the clutch lever on – which wasn’t much … But he was on his way

We got to the B&B just in time to have our complimentary glass of wine (which turned into us buying a bottle- it was yummy!) and some time to enjoy the English garden before sunset20150123-180720-65240492.jpg



We walked over to the Moss Beach Distillery for a great dinner and sit by the outdoor fire pits


The next day we were rested in our super comfy room and ready to head out on a hike along a the bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean … Just after our mimosas and breakfast in bed!

The hike took us 4 miles or so over to half moon bay … The views were spectacular…




We went to Catch Joanne – a local cafe in half moon bay and got Bloody Mary’s Dungeness crab and clam chowder- yum! We walked back the same trail and had fun leaping across the water




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