Posted by: caryandjohn | January 1, 2015

Baja and people along the way…

I’m heading back home and looking through some of the snaps I took of some great people who enter your life for snippets in time… One of the best parts about traveling, I think …
These guys! Marcin and Jay …They were loving on Ada (the FJ-09) … They were down from British Columbia and heading down to the bottom… We met in Santa Rosalia at one of the taco stands- I was having a cup of coffee and fish tacos for breakfast! I let Marcin have a go around the block with Ada and he was grinning pretty good

20150101-211225-76345615.jpg Rich and Melody I met on the side of HWY 1 on my way north from Mulege, just south of Catavina… They were on their way back to Arizona from the southern tip of Baja… Their plan is to make it to Tierra del Fuego but we’re struggling on dirt roads with all of their stuff – they were heading home to unload and try again…We shared a room at Mama Espinoza’s in El Rosario and had a yummy dinner and great conversation with Bill and Amy who were on their way down tonLa Paz to stay though March


The lady “pumping” gas in Catavina… She could tell me in English and in miles (not kilometers) how far until the next gas20150101-214311-78191670.jpg

Juventino who owns the cafe in Santo Tomas who wanted to here all about my travels (encouraging me to tell him in Spanish). I shared my pictures with him and enjoyed some chirizo and eggs, coffee and a warm fire going in the restaurant.. It was in the 40’s with snow close to the border- mucho frio! 20150101-214605-78365187.jpg

A couple of pano shots – one from the beach at Playa Nranjos and the other at lovely Chris’ home


The friendly folks who all gravitated towards Chris’ home…Tina, Jill, Geo, Olivia and Ella

Jill, Geo, Ella and Olivia and their new Baja adopted dog Cuja … They had just found her the day before and were making plans to take her home- a very sweet and lucky puppy… The life of a dog is unfortunately not the best fate…

Roel with his transalp.. He and his partner Azure have been traveling around the world for the last 5 years… They keep a website here:

Jason riding his super tenere from Colorado who just spent the last 2 weeks on the Baja back roads.. We found each other in Santo Tomas and road together the last part of Baja across the boarder




  1. You meet interesting people in interesting places. It’s easy to dislike people you’ve never met, travel is the enemy of bigotry.

  2. I’m almost always pleased I took a chance to connect with a person… 🙂

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