Posted by: caryandjohn | December 22, 2014

FJ-09 first 600 miles

The bike has power in every gear and flips through every turn effortlessly… The owners manual says to be in 6th gear by 37 mph… I kept it there for most everything. In the twisties I maybe went down to 5th in a tighter turn. I kept it under 4800 and around 55 mph for the day (it was hard to do!). I didn’t fiddle with the fuel delivery mode setting yet … I’d have to say the comfort level is pretty awesome- nice upright seating, pretty comfy seat and good wind protection (at least a 60 mph or less) – worth every penny of the bargain price of 12k out the door… I did nearly 500 miles from Santa Cruz to Long Beach – I was tired but not too uncomfortable or stiff… Nice.
I am about 5’8″ with a 31 inch inseam and I can flat foot the bike- I think I have it in the lowest seat position. Here are some pics from leaving Santa Cruz



I took 25 to 33 to Ojai- an incredible road – pretty foggy and damp at the top but coming down was in the mid 60s and incredible… Here’s a shot of the road I took from the internet..

20141222-191544-69344049.jpgThe sun was starting to go down and the canyon was incredible. I tried to make it over to 1 and take that to long beach- it seemed much better than 101 and the 405… I got to Oxnard and 1 was closed because of a slide… I turned around and made my way over to 101 and the 405… Oh well..
I dropped of the bike to get the 600 mile service today at the yamaha dealership – service wasn’t open today but the took the bike in for service firs thing tomorrow

20141222-192545-69945268.jpgIm staying in Long Beach with my friends for another night- the bike should be ready from the 600 mile service tomorrow afternoon. Then I’ll get up early on Wednsday and aim for El Rosario- we’ll see. The manual says I can open it up towards 6800 rpm through 1000 miles… Not prolonged though!





  1. Nice to read about your awesome experience on a new bike on great roads!

  2. Thanks Steve – it was an epic ride!

  3. The road seems like a motorcycle dream!
    Bill S.

  4. That road is a famous motorcycle road! So beautiful!

  5. Very nice narrative 🙂

  6. Thanks pop! It’s a great bike! Love ya!

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