Posted by: caryandjohn | November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving trip to SoCal

I left Wednesday about 12:30 pm to start heading down south- destination or the night- Taft, Ca… The town is not particularly special, except a good
stopping point when it would be getting dark and the hotel has a restaurant attached … John and I have stopped here before on our way to baja…


I was on the road at 8 am … It warmed up pretty quick and the weather was spectacular… I decided to head up the canyon through Pine Mountain Club/Frazier Park and avoid the grapevine- hooking up just south of it at Gorman…it was a glorious day and no cars/traffic- I hardly passed by anyone

I stopped in Gorman for a little breakfast and some tea before heading along the Canyon roads along the Angeles National Forest where i start seeing Joshua Trees and the most incredibly brilliant yellow trees…



Awesome roads that I had mostly to myself …I saw tons of motorcyclists which was fun… Last time I was through here John and I were on our way back from 2 months in Death Valley and Baja and there was snow banks along the roads and SO cold! I arrived to Cajon (where John and I had stowed away for a couple of days to avoid the sleet and rain) – to pick up I-15 and head on to Silverado for Thanksgiving with Tegans family…



  1. nice pics 🙂

  2. Thanks Pop! Missing u 🙂

  3. Fun!–Good pix—Bill S.

  4. Thank you Bill! Hope you, Dede and the family had a nice Thanksgiving ❤️

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