Posted by: caryandjohn | October 22, 2014

More 1973 Triumph Tiger 750 progress …

Well, slow and steady gets the job done … ordered about $650 dollars worth of parts, and here is some of the progress … photos taken by my friend Kalle while he was a Ricky’s to pick up Kalle’s Harley-Davidson FXR …


Got the bottom end back together after replacing fourth and fifth mainshaft gears …


Ricky Pharr, owner of Kustom Culture Motors and second generation San Francisco Motorcycle Club member …


the right hand side of the bike …


The right hand side of the head …


One of the repaired exhaust spigots … thanks to Mike Crowther of Engine Dynamics …


The primary side of the engine …


The tank and stock exhaust pipes …

All in all very pleased with the progress that has been made … the tach will finally be functioning again … all it needed was a new cable …

Hope to give the old girl another 25 to 30,000 miles down the road … going to take it camping once we’ve got it back on the road …





  1. Nice pics!

  2. Thanks Pop- John is getting a lot of love put into the triumph- pics should be super nice when it’s complete! Love, cary

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