Posted by: caryandjohn | October 5, 2014

City living…

It was my birthday last weekend, and a wedding shower for the lovely couple Sam and Kelly… The weekend before was an Old Crow Medicine Show concert at the newly renovated Masonic Theater and the Dudley Perkins Harley Davidson 100th anniversary party and this weekend a long overdue bike ride for me and a nice morning concert at the hardly strictly bluegrass festival!

Birthday brunch at the Cliff house with John’s Dad and wife Dede who happen to be in town, and Charley, his girlfriend Alex and her Mom.


Bloody Mary for the birthday girl




Morning birthday hike


The weekend before was the Dudley Perkins 100th anniversary celebration – the club hung out for the day

The grand wizard of OZ – MC for the celebration

Old Crow Medicine show at the Masonic … I think I might miss a much simpler OCMS… The opening band – The Deslondes – we’re just right for me and closer to old style … They even all lined up together when the played…

Lovely Sam and Kelly at their wedding shower- a really nice time!


Pics from my ride this weekend up to Gualala- about 300 miles on Saturday – perfect!

View looking or over Sonoma lake off of Skaggs/Stuart’s point road

This morning I went and checked out the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, before it got too packed… I saw The Sam Chase and the Untraditonals- incredible mix of everything … Here’s the description for them in the program…I think it might say it all…

Also checked out the Malawi Mouse Boys- lots of energy and a pretty fascinating story…

Picture of hardly strictly Sunday morning – pretty mellow…




  1. 🙂 Great to see your family – wish I were there too!

  2. Wish you were there too pop! ❤️

  3. What a great birthday week! Really good pic of the “brunch feast”—Bill S.

  4. Hi Bill- It was so great seeing you and Dede – I’m so glad it worked out so you could be here on my birthday! Thank you for your kindness! Lunch was wonderful and your visit was such a treat! ❤️

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