Posted by: caryandjohn | September 1, 2014

Hell’s Half-Acre Road and Home …


On Ryan’s recommendation, on the way back home, I rode up to the fire tower on Leviathan Peak …

Then it was the Cowboy Breakfast at my favorite place in Markleeville and on to Ebbett’s Pass … I decided to camp out another night in between Hwys 4 and 108 at a likely place I recalled from rides through there in years gone by …


Turned out to be an old fire-tower site with a wonderful view to the west … set the hammock up and watched the sun set …


Built a small campfire …


Watched the new moon set …


The campsite …

I was off for home after watching the sun rise …



Couple of views along Hell’s Half-Acre Road …


Stopped for a visit with Mark at the wonderful little memorial Cary made for him … we’d hung it in a grove of huge redwood trees last year, and it had survived the winter and forest-fires in the area …

Made it home that afternoon …



  1. Wonderful memorial!
    Bill S.

  2. Good stuff John, Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hey Steve,
    Thanks for reading and posting!
    — John A

  4. Thanks Dad,
    Cary made Rita Anne and Mark each a wonderful memorial
    that I’ve placed up in the Sierras a few miles apart
    in beautiful places …
    see you soon, love,
    — John

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