Posted by: caryandjohn | August 25, 2014

Sonora Pass …

I’m camping out tonight up on Sonora Pass with my new-to-me 2005 Kawasaki KLR 650 …


The road to my campsite, up around 9000 feet …


This is the fire road that drops down to the Marine Training Base …


The snow is gone from the high Sierras …


The new bike …


The campsite … off to find some hot springs tomorrow …







  1. Looking awesome sweeney. The new bike looks amazing as does the Picts you posted. You aiming for the hot springs out in NV? Hope you find em.

  2. Spectacular photos–you’re doing wonderful work with your iPhone—Bill

  3. Wow John Cool Bike!

  4. nice looking bike πŸ™‚

  5. whose new bike?….new jobs, new clothes and new a new bike…makes sense to us.

  6. Hi Flo,
    It’s my new-to-me bike … They made lots of these these old war-horses for 20 years, so they are
    inexpensive … They were pretty inexpensive when new, too …
    see you soon!
    — John A

  7. Thanks, David, I’m enjoying it!

  8. Thanks, Steve! πŸ™‚
    Hope to see you tonight, we miss you!

  9. Hi Dad,
    Best thing about the i-phone is it’s always in my pocket!
    Best to Dede,
    — John

  10. Hi Ryan,
    Finally found the hot spring … just followed my map … route 765K is my friend … I tried the ranch way, rode around the gate in the 4×4 tracks, but got turned back a mile or so after that at the water crossing by the building … could not see the bottom, so didn’t want to risk falling over, and not be able to drag it out by myself, ha! Took me hours using the map, and I rode right by it finally, but saw it on my way back … very happy soak, in the end! πŸ™‚
    I’ll post some Patterson and Belfort pics, soon. Oh, and Leviathan Peak, too!
    see you soon,
    — John A

  11. Sweeney, ha yeah I saw on spot that you stopped at the water crossing. Yeah it’s deep for sure. I’ve stalled twice going through it. Probably should have thought about the impact of dropping the bike riding solo.. That would be a long walk. Also, I totally rode past the springs too. Kinda nestled in there. Ain’t that an epic spot? Did you take a dip in the walker too? It’s tight there and generally warm. And Leviathon?! Super stoked you ticked that off. Saw it get tagged on spot. Well done good sir! Good work man. What a cool mission. Good to it all in before winter!

  12. Hey Ryan!
    Yes, I really had a good time … glad I didn’t try that water crossing, it looked deep, filled with muddy water. Can’t imagine who’s using it to keep it muddy?
    Leviathon was very cool, glad you turned me on to it … been riding right by it for years … Really enjoyed the hot springs, even more, probably, having searched for them for so long … took me a long time to find them this time, also! I’ll have to go back and swim in the river, too, didn’t think of it with the spring so close.
    When I see you you’ll have to tell me where that peak register was … I need to go back to Patterson to visit the miner’s cabin, too, skipped that as well …
    see you soon!
    — John A

  13. Heya Sweeney,

    Yup for sure, we should catch up soon! Definitely worth another trip! Miners cabin is pretty cool, and you need to sign the book (take something and leave something- so bring something). Ill tell you where the canister is.

    That water crossing is just under knee deep but its a little bumpy, so yeah, you probably did the right thing. Surprised the ranch gate was open for you.

    Catch up soon! Lets plan something else. Jon (SoCal Jon) wants to plan a fall trip somewhere. I mentioned Saline Hot springs for turkey day….

  14. Hey Ryan,
    Will have an excuse to ride back up Mt Patterson and find the
    Miner’s Cabin and read the visitor’s log … I rode around the
    gate like Dave said to … he forgot to mention the water crossing, ha!
    Would love to get out for a ride soon, but it’s
    looking tough for the next little while …
    Would love to make Saline for T-Day, it’s a crazy scene …
    Best to Jon and see you soon,
    — John A

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