Posted by: caryandjohn | August 3, 2014

Nevada, Ruby Mountains, Sand Mountain… heading home

We took State hwy 51 south out of Idaho into Nevada /225 south through Mountain City- beautiful canyon road with wild horses running about…

We made it over to Elko and headed over to the Ruby Mountains- southeast of Elko- to camp for the night… Such an incredibly beautiful place…

Camp spot…

Ruby pink sunset …

In the morning we headed west on I80 for just a bit to Battle Mountain where we took highway 305 south to Austin… And picked up highway 50- the “loneliest highway” to start heading home… We made an obligatory stop at Middlegate Station…


We checked out Sand Mountain to see about camping, but it seemed they wanted the full recreation fee- $40 each to enter… So we passed… Although not before snapping some pics of the impressive sand dunes- two miles long and 600 ft high- they lie on the edge of the ancient Lake Lahontan, that for the most part dried up 9,000 years ago… Pretty impressive!


Highway 50 follows along the original Pony Express… There was an exhibit with an ruins of an old store/stop with this sign I thought was pretty entertaining- “wanted: young, skinny, wiry fellows…”

We settled for camping at Grimes Point Archaeological Area- just east of Fallon, Nevada- a pretty cool open space with the place to ourselves and a nice desert sunset- not bad!
Camp site…

Campsite – color changing with the light…

We woke up an headed home – out longest day haul – 344 miles- which is usually how it goes- so close to home- you just keep going… A total of ~3300 miles over 13 days- averaging ~250 miles/ day… Awesomeness!



  1. Had a great time following along on your vacation, via blog!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Glad to have you along Steve!

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