Posted by: caryandjohn | July 19, 2014

Sawtooth National Forest and Seeley Lake area – Idaho and Montana

We took i20 east out of Mountain Home Idaho on Wednesday to 75 north – the sawtooth scenic hwy in the Sawtooth National Forest… Once we were pass sun valley and the other ski resort .. Route 75 opens wide open and follows the salmon river with the galena summit at 8990 ft… 100 + miles of beautiful elevation and much appreciated cooler temperature… We rolled into Lower Stanley after about 200 miles of riding – and got a good tip for camping across one of the bridges over the salmon river into the national forest … It was perfect … Not far off a pretty well maintained graded gravel road, all to ourselves


We had our own little swimming hole for a dip and some washing … We also walked down to hang out where the river opens up a bit more



We got up and went for a walk in the morning

The road had beautiful of wildflowers … I counted like 7 or more different colors


On Thursday, after our walk, we continued heading up 75 up to 93 all the way up through Missoula, east on 200 and north on 83 just past Seeley Lake in Montana (we bypassed some of the small town congestion just south of Missoula off of 93 by picking up 269 north in Hamilton, MT to 203 then back to 93)- we got to camp around 9:30 after 300 miles … We found some designated camping up the road from Seeley Lake… Super nice camp hosts Anastasia and willy and Zoso the cat who hung out at our site most the night…


Friday we were off again like a herd of turtles for a short day of 91 miles to Bigfork and Columbia Falls, Montana



  1. Great report, thanks for posting!

  2. 🙂 meow …. Nice pic’s

  3. Thanks for following Steve – we’re riding some really great roads!

  4. Dad- Zoso the cat was super friendly- we bonded 🙂

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