Posted by: caryandjohn | July 16, 2014

Mountain Home, Idaho

We’ve had some beautiful riding in Cali, Oregon and Idaho…

John at rest stop off of northern 395

We stopped for the night in Malheur National Park- just north of Burns, Oregon off of 395…

We had a super cool camp host, Steve who was one of us- owned a VStrom and before that goldwings … He gave us a biker friend super discount and gave us access to the pavilion for parking out bikes and hanging out

Steve told us about a group he gets together with and just recently hosted – the International Brotherhood of Motorcycle Campers-… Our campsite for the night… Much welcome when we pulled in around 9pm- it doesn’t get dark until like 10pm and we we’re off like a herd of turtles around noon that morning…

From there we headed on down i20 east towards Idaho, following along the Malheur River where we stopped for a much need dip in the cool water

We drove off the road a little to get to the river… A little off-road adventure…


We had a nice spot away from the road with lots a big fishes…it reminded John of the fly fishing he’s done with his dad


We stopped for lunch in Vale, Oregon for lunch- a spot known for passage thru on the Oregon Trail…

From there we made it into Idaho and stopped for the night in Givens Hot Springs… A public hot spring pool with room for camping … The pool sits at about 100 degrees- super relaxing


Historical landmark – site settled by the Givens family from Missouri in the 1840s or so…

Camping out back

We walked down the road a little to check out the snake river…

And had a nice campfire…

We’re in mountain home, Idaho now and will head up into the sawtooth national forest and camp for the night



  1. Good looking pictures! I feel like I’m on the road with you guys!

  2. Awesome – thanks Mike! It’s a super beautiful part of the world

  3. Looks like a great trip–a good breakfast is good for the soul (and the road ahead as well) !
    Bill S.

  4. Hi Bill- we’ve come across lots of cafés that serve “breakfast all day” – John’s favorite!

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