Posted by: caryandjohn | July 4, 2014

Following the river

Today we followed along route 669/6 on the Muskingum River – a smaller more mellow route north vs. route 60… Not much distance between Zanesville where we planned to meet Cousin Liz and Wes …. So we took it super slow and meandered up the river… Neat old shacks along the way and shady trees … (will add in camera shots later)
We got to Zanesville early, so went to the old District to check out the buildings. Below is a shot if the County courthouse- at some point in the early 1800s Z’ville was the second state Capitol of Ohio…

Liz and Wes!!


We had a great brunch visit for a couple of hours with Liz and Wes … The time just flew by! I could have hung out for hours more…20140704-235253-85973194.jpg

But back on the road… But not too far before having to stop for pie…

20140705-000605-365414.jpgAlong the road to Perrysville, We came a cross a veterans memorial site that had the most amazing display of America flags… It really was beautiful and hard to explain… Dad caught a pic of me driving out…

20140705-002006-1206660.jpgTonight we’re staying at Mohican state park Lodge just near the town of Perrysville… I went swimming, we had a nice meal…

played pool and ping pong – where I learned more about dad’s competitive side. We each won a game- but I had to step up my game…

20140705-000645-405802.jpgand watched the sunset over the lake… Really nice easy going place- and super beautiful…


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