Posted by: caryandjohn | July 1, 2014

SR800 and SR26 to Marietta

We had a nice stay in Sugarcreek at the Carlisle Inn.. It was a compound of sorts with Amish specialty food outlets, no beer (I think we upset the waitress when asked if they had it) and green rolling hills… Although very comfortable and a balcony on each room… We passed a lot of horse and buggies and found most folks to give us a wave from their porches her we were pulled off the side of the road taking in the sites…
Dad out on our balcony this AM…

Stopping for coffee at “the restaurant” in Cadiz – birthplace of Clark Gable

Statue of John A Bingham

Covered bridges along SR26 – we saw 5! They’re such a cool piece of history







A stop in “Speidel” with one “l” similar to our family name…


In Marietta tonight… Nice roads today- Super beautiful green rolling hills – especially SR26- worth checking out… Plus it seems thou Ohioians are on the lookout for motorcycles … The drivers are pretty courteous and friendly!



  1. That doesn’t look like much of a scooter to me! Beautiful pics. Keep em coming and safe travels!

  2. It looks more like a motorcycle than a scooter!

  3. Hi Maxine- thanks for following along! Dad’s scooter is huge – it weighs more than the GS … He’s doing great on it! It ones like 80mph so no problem getting down the road… See u soon!

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