Posted by: caryandjohn | May 18, 2014

Geriatrics and Disney

I attended the American Geriatrics Society’s annual conference in Orlando this weekend.

I stayed in the dolphin swan hotel which was walking distance to Epcot. Ordered room service

When i was a kid my family went to disney for a big family vacation when Epcot was fist built! This weekend was the end of a flower and garden festival- there were topiaries shaped like disney characters with lots of pretty flowers to walk around




I went through all the countries and ate an awesome lemon chicken in Morocco- this is where my brother in law worked back in the day when he met my sister

They had music and a belly dancer which we never really ran into (the belly dancer) when traveling there… It was funny but entertaining

20140518-190340.jpgI used the fast past to get on rides which was so cool – super easy and VIP feeling… I rode spaceship earth, mission space, test track -which was SO much fun!- it runs on a monorail track vs. like a traditional track (click clack click)- so it’s smooth and crazy fast, journey into imagination with figment, maelstrom and I think that’s it… There were some fun interactive videos you could make with touch screens and filled in pictures of yourself on the ride..imagine your future-ha!.




  1. Wow …… Brings back a wonderful time together when we were family

  2. It definitely brought back fun memories! Love ya pop

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