Posted by: caryandjohn | February 16, 2014

More Mercey …

Slow and steady has been the pace of improvement … boy, MHS has come a long way … now with WiFi, ha! ๐Ÿ™‚



We didn’t have to pack camping gear, so we packed a lot of food, yum!


Epic California February riding:




More in a bit …



  1. Love your life!


  2. Hey John. That ridge trail looks nice. I’ve been wanting to plan a trip to that area to visit Clear Creek, Mercey Hot Springs and Pinnacles National Park. Any other suggestions for destinations we should check out in the area? Do you have any off-road riding tracks of the area that you could share?

  3. Ryan! Can’t wait to hear about your moroccan adventure! C

  4. Hi Rob,
    Hollister Hills OHV park is a lot cheaper to camp than Pinnacles …
    I ride a KLR and still use maps, so no off-road tracks, sorry!
    There is a lot of off road riding at Hollister, though …
    — John A

  5. Hi John.

    Where was this picture taken?

    That looks like a nice road to cruise.

  6. Hi Rob,

    It’s across the road from Mercey Hot Springs … They lock the gate after April 15th or so for fire season … so it’s generally open in the winter … spring is best …

    see you around the campfire,
    — John A

  7. Thanks for the tips John!

  8. You are welcome, Rob … ๐Ÿ™‚
    see you around the campfire,
    — John A.

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