Posted by: caryandjohn | December 19, 2013

Bou Tharar …

After breakfast we headed out to find Bou Tharar, recommended to us by Hamza who is coordinator at the Center for Language and Culture where Molly, Cary’s sister and her husband work. He takes groups of students there every year because it is less touristy than Dades Gorges …




Dropping down toward Ait Benhaddou …



These hillside villages were everywhere …


Hotel pool in Ouarzazate …

After tootling through Kalaat M’Gouna three times we finally found the left hand turn we were looking for and headed up into the mountains ..,



It was cold and dark by the time poor Cary had to scout for a room … I guarded the bikes as the monoglot good-for-nothing …


Cary found us a great hotel … as was so often the case for the next week, we were the only guests … This was the nice Berber, Ali, who sang for us and who also provided us with directions …


Breakfast …


The view from our balcony … we did almost freeze overnight, even with a space heater running all night … way up in the mountains here …



So, we learned a thing, getting directions from Berber Ali with our basic French … “good road” means something to Berbers other than what we thought it meant … So off we went to find Ali’s “good road” …


Next: Gorges du Dades and the Tizzi-n-Tazazert …



  1. Beautiful shots – wish I were there too – with the friendly Moroccans

  2. Hi Pop! You would have loved it! Also Sadia says hi! Love Cary and John

  3. Gorgeous country!! You guys are intrepid. Have fun in Paris—-Bill & Dede

  4. Hi Bill and Dede! In Paris now- super grande and beautiful! Love u- Cary and John

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