Posted by: caryandjohn | December 4, 2013

Haute Atlas

Out and about in Morocco …


We’ll ride anything … These scooters are $12 a day to rent and top out at 50 mph or so …


We usually just head south into the High Atlas Mountains just south of Marrakech … An example of some of the architecture … The towns and villages (and roads) are many hundreds, if not thousands, of years old …



Dirt roads everywhere … The bike in the distance is a 50cc moped, and they ride those things everywhere … I’d say half the vehicles on the road are motorbikes … fun.



These ancient villages dot the landscape … everyone was plowing the fields with donkeys as we were riding by …




In the vicinity of Ansi … That’s Richard Branson’s villa in the distance in the third photo up …


Some of the by-ways … in this valley we saw apples being harvested … irrigated and terraced fields fed by aqueducts … always people … In Baja, which the terrain in Morocco reminds me of, lots of the place names on the map are empty of people … not so here, we see hundreds of kids in the schools …


For example, this Berber chased us down in the middle of no where to sell us some jewelry … a fun process that took over a half-hour …

OK, I should try to post this now … more in a bit …



  1. Wishing I were there …… love Dad

  2. The bikes look like fun–Branson’s villas are everywhere!!
    Love —-Bill & Dede

  3. I Likes

  4. Hi Dede and Dad,
    Should have known Mr. Branson had more than one villa, ha! 🙂

    Stay warm,
    — Cary & John

  5. Having a good time pop! We’re even referring to one of your old itineraries!

  6. We likes! 🙂

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