Posted by: caryandjohn | November 24, 2013

Dede and Bill, Keeping Us Warm …

Cary and myself, resplendent in a beautiful scarf and toasty pull-over, ready for anything Paris or Morocco may provide, weather-wise, thanks to Dede and Bill … Thanks! Dede also thoughtfully enclosed a wonderful travel article from the New York Times about Morocco and Fez …


The pull-over is particularly welcome, because I usually wear a hoodie under my motorcycle jacket for warmth around town … A hoodie is not a practical garment for a long motorcycle trip, however, because the hood gets wet in the rain … And the scarf will serve us well in Paris, where I understand one is expected to dress with style …

Cary has been packed for a week, and I’ll pack today, and we’ll be off at noon tomorrow!

Big hugs to Dede and Bill … Happy Holidays!



  1. That’s a great look!!–Good Luck & Godspeed!!

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Hi Dad,
    Thanks so much for the gifts,
    and give Dede a hug for us!
    — Cary and John

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