Posted by: caryandjohn | November 17, 2013

Packing for Morocco

Cary’s packing-
Checked bag
20131117-203216.jpg motorcycle suit, helmet, gloves, rain gear, boots, sleeping bag, roller bag

Carry-on purse/bag
20131117-203610.jpg Books, kindle, hat, light, socks, camera, wallet, passport, sunglasses, hand sanitizer, phone, charger, headphones, inflatable neck pillow, sweatshirt, bag

Carry-on bag
20131117-204638.jpg Sweatpants, 3 long sleeve shirts, robe, jeans, black pants, 2 wool sweaters – one nicer- 2 tanks, 2 long underpants, 3 underwear,3 socks, shoes, umbrella, speaker,cords, toiletries, sunblock, raincoat, down vest – in stuff sacks, scarfs (including Kelly’s super beautiful handmade scarf), small gloves, hat, compression bags, backpack

All Cary’s bags together



  1. Now that’s efficient! It just got colder yesterday…….mornings especially. But it does look like the days will still be sunny and warm! You’re ready to go!

  2. Wow! Less is really more – what a clever job of packing!!

  3. Thanks pop! I thought u might get a kick out of it! Learned from the best! 🙂 love, Cary

  4. Thanks sis! Good to know- sounds great! Love ya, Cary

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