Posted by: caryandjohn | October 13, 2013

Mark’s Remembrance Service

We attended Mark’s service yesterday, in Montclair …


Nephew Evan, singing with the choir …



The service was beautiful and moving … Many, many people in attendance … My mother Jeanne’s sisters Anne, Terri and Cathy, my uncles Rick and Joe, my cousins Maureen, Kenneth, Joe and Gregory … The Shannons, the Thomases and Cis Chappelle, the Desmonds, all the Wolfs … so many of Mark’s friends …


We lit paper lanterns after the service …



Uncle Joe and Cary … Dede and Bill and Zeke …



  1. John,

    I heard it was a very nice service and a lot of people came!
    It was nice to see some pictures from Marks Service.
    I am so sorry I couldn’t make it!
    However at 7:30 I looked up towards the sky and
    said I Love You and miss You Mark, You are forever
    in my heart and prayers! Blew a Kiss and now
    know that Mark,Jeannie and Rita are all together again!

    If You are ever in this neck of the woods come say hi.

    You stay healthy and safe!

  2. Hi Tucker,
    It was a beautiful service, and so wonderful to see your family … so many people were there to support HeAher, Evan and Carherine and celebrate Mark’s life … thanks for reading and posting, Tucker, and we hope to see you soon!
    — Cary & John

  3. Hi John and Cary, i did not know Rita’s brother died as well, I am so sorry for your loss, was this due to cancer as well? I think of rita everyday, and still keep her last voice message to me on my phone and listen to it when i am sad. Please tell charlie i am thinking of her and the kids, i hpe they are doing well

  4. Hi Lissa,
    Thanks for the kind words … yes, it was cancer, I guess ultimately from his diagnosis when he was in his twenties …
    We got to spend time with Charley and the kids on Easter, I’ll pass along your good wishes when we see them again …
    take care,
    — Cary & John A

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