Posted by: caryandjohn | July 31, 2013

Children, Grandkids, Nieces and Nephews …

Charley had a trip planned this summer with Simon, Ruby, August Jeanne and Charley John, and Catherine took these portraits with Evan and Heather …

Simon, Heather, Ruby, Evan, Charley John and August Jeanne …

Rita Anne’s Charley next to Simon, and Mark’s Catherine next to Ruby and Evan …

All Rita Anne’s children …


Mark’s daughter Heather and Rita Anne’s Ruby …

Our niece, August Jeanne …

And here’s a bunch of photos of Rita Anne’s kids …








I’ve heard that Charley took the kids to my cousin Kenneth’s home, to have a party with my mother’s side of the family while they were on the East Coast … I’ll see if Charley got any photos …




  1. Enjoyed the pictures thank you for sharing. They brought tears to my eyes to think they each lost a parent & such a young age.

  2. Hi Linda,
    Wonderful photos, so glad you enjoyed them … we shed some tears here, too …
    Thanks for the note, it makes me feel better that our friends are looking at the blog …
    Best to Gary!
    see you soon,
    — Cary and John

  3. John and Cary,
    I was incredibly saddened by the news of Mark’s passing. I still have trouble
    from time to time believing Reets is not with us anymore..and now Mark, it seems so overwhelmingly unfair for a family to have to go through something like this…I don’t have the words. I didn’t reply when Rita Anne passed away, I had no idea what to say.. all I felt was anger. I know thats an incredibly selfish statement..I guess I was hoping it was all just some really horrible dream we we’re all going to wake up from! Time they say, eases the pain. The more time passes, it allows for nothing but smiles and warm memories of the ones we held so close and loved so much. I feel incredibly blessed to have shared so much and so often with you and Mark and Rita Anne in Princeton. Mom would visit the Sweeney gang every chance she got. Whether it was lacrosse in the backyard or ripping around on that Puch moped, (Jesus that thing was a blast) or those Martha Stewart meals your mom was always creating…I always left feeling hungry (sorry Aunt Jeanne)..I guess I just didn’t appreciate figs and herbs at 12! Charley and the kids were here last weekend and it was just an amazing the pool all day sharing laughs with those incredible children…August is such a pistol…wonder where she got that from? I didn’t want them to leave.

    My heart aches for you and Cary, Charley and Catherine and the kids… there is not a day that goes by that you are not in my thoughts. Be well. I will think of Mark often.


  4. Dear Kenneth,

    Thanks so much for your post, it was so wonderful to recall Mark, Rita Anne and Mom … and the good old days … It is a comfort to know that as time passes, like you say, the sadness and anger will be replaced by the gift of happy memories … Mom’s cooking, our family dinners, visits with all Mom’s brother and sisters and Grandmom’s twenty-four grand kids … I’m old enough to have many memories of Granddad and 58th Street … riding to Grandmom’s house in the back of the old Rambler station wagon with Mark and Rita Anne in the late ’60s for a dinner around Grandmom’s big dinner table … wow, such a long time ago … It is making me very sad, thinking of their kids … Thanks so much for having Charley and his kids into your home … August Jeanne actually reminds me very much of my mother … Anyway, thanks again for your post, and give David and Aunt Judy a hug for me …
    — John

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