Posted by: caryandjohn | July 3, 2013

A couple of maps around Sonora Pass

Here are a couple of maps from the Sonora Pass area, Highway 108 …


This map shows the three-mile spur off Hwy 108 to Leavitt Lake, up at the treeline in the Sierras at around 10,000 feet elevation …

And here is a screenshot from a map posted by RockyRaccoon on … RockyRaccoon’s ride report and imbedded google map of this route may be found here. Good pics and compelling descriptions of the area shown in the map … check it out … thanks to RockyRaccoon for sharing the map and ride report on the web for us!


We may try to head up and check out Leavitt Lake and Hell’s Half Acre Road over this holiday weekend, depending on the weather, which has been brutally hot … and there is rain in the forecast, so we’ll see what happens …

And here’s a higher-elevation route my friend Catfish sent me, that connects Hwys 4 and 108:


Thanks, Catfish!


And this last, a screen shot from a map posted by the Sunday Morning Breakfast Club, brought to my attention by inmate marchyman … thanks! It shows the way to the cool concrete dam on Donnell Lake …


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