Posted by: caryandjohn | June 1, 2013

Atlas Obscura …

Our Library Committee Chairman and Club Historian, Brian Holm, has worked thousands of hours, scouring ancient newspaper archives, often on microfiche, compiling a comprehensive history of the San Francisco Motorcycle Club …


Last night, Brian covered us in glory by inviting San Francisco’s and’s Atlas Obscura Society to the clubhouse to make a presentation of our history to their audience … Atlas Obscura describes itself as the “definitive guide to the world’s wondrous and curious places.”

Club mascot Braiden Young, fourth generation SFMC member, models his great-grandmother’s club sweater, as his father Matt Young describes the Young Family’s history with the SFMC …

I’m sure that Brian Holm worked a hundred hours preparing the three hour presentation, writing six parts for our Road Captain, Secretary, First Female President, Sargent at Arms, current Director and current President to read, as well as his own presentation …

The club was packed, and none of the Atlas Obscura guests left during the intermission, a testament to the club’s compelling history and Brian’s outstanding writing and thorough preparation …

Thanks, Brian, for keeping the SFMC’s long history alive!


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