Posted by: caryandjohn | April 23, 2013

SFMC Get Well Cards …

I’d heard that San Francisco Motorcycle Club Get Well Cards can work wonders …

So, we passed a card for Mark at Thursday’s meeting and we gave it to him on Friday … he was very ill, drinking his meals and needed three people to lift him out of bed …

By Monday, he was out of his hospital bed himself, and much improved … Yay!

Out of bed and out of his hospital gown …

Sitting up and eating real food …

Enjoying a visit with Evan and Heather … sweet!

He’s now ambulatory enough to be admitted to the hospital’s transitional care unit … Big progress since Sunday!

Thanks to all for your thoughts and prayers …



  1. Dear John and Cary…….sending well wishes your way and hoping that Mark is feeling better soon. From all the family in Morocco…….take care

  2. Very happy to see such great progress.

  3. HI Molly- thanks for your note. It means a lot. Keep Mark and the family in your thoughts. love you, cary and john

  4. Hey Steve,
    Yes, wonderful progress!
    see you soon,
    — John A

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