Posted by: caryandjohn | April 23, 2013

Aunt Cary’s adventures in babysitting

I stayed with August Jeanne and Charley John Friday night and Saturday while John and Charley were in New Jersey visiting Mark and family.

We walked over to the “u top it” frozen yogurt shop where the kids could load up on lots o sugar.




The walk back, August spots a ladybug and checks it out… August really has an artist eye … John says this is so much like her mother – an eye for beauty. It was neat seeing what grabs her and Charley John’s attention.


When we got back to the house we built a fort downstairs.. August said “it really looked good!”


I borrowed an LCD projector and set up a sheet on the wall and streamed “The Rescuers” movie (1977) which was streaming for free on Netflix and a movie I remember watching as a kid…



August and Charley John were really curious to see how the projector worked and kept checking it out …



We popped popcorn and watched the entire movie and then the next movie that popped up in Netflix (for the first 15 min) and were asleep around 10:30- they passed out in the fort and me in the bedroom next door.


We woke up not too early 8:00 or so…we had some French toast… August and Charley do a good job of entertaining themselves and played around the house -at least for a little bit while i sipped some yummy coffee outside on the great patio out back- beautiful warm weather in San Rafael- sitting out I the morning- no socks and a tshirt! A nice change from SF!

August brought out her new markers and the kiddies did some cool drawings



We also gave each other some tattoos with a pen and stencil kit I had picked up recently… August showing off her new tats


Charley working on my new sleeve


August working on the other …


Lovely Lisa Hovan, an old school mate of Rita’s, picked up August and Charley around 11:00 and I’m proud to say the house was still standing and the kids smiling! Hooray- success!



  1. That looks like fun for everyone. Next time Tucker goes out of town I might invite you over so we can build a fort and watch movies 🙂

  2. Awesome! Let’s do it! 🙂

  3. You ae definitely the “The Auntie Mame!!” I remember the tents we used to make in the dining room when you were kids. God times. Love you….Mom

  4. Hi Mom! I learned tent making from the best! It came super easy to set it up with August and Charley John …I was having all sorts of flashbacks of awesome memories growing up and making them with you 🙂 good times for sure 🙂

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