Posted by: caryandjohn | April 14, 2013

Lunch on the River

We rode with Road Captain Ben and the San Francisco Motorcycle Club on Sunday, one of the two official club rides this month …


Nineteen members and a good handful of guests …


Prospect Jason showed up with by far the coolest bike I’ve seen in a while … A 1985 Yamaha RZ 500 with Toomey pipes … sounds and smells great …


We went out Ygnacio Valley Road to Marsh Creek Road … making the left onto Deer Valley Road our guest on a Sportster tipped over in the gravel outside of the turn … no harm done, and he was a good sport about it … a few zip-ties and some ibuprofen had Robert (?) rolling again …

Kalle, Cary and Tucker …

Captain Chuck Wagon …

Mr. Road Captain Ben …

Mr. Santa Bob …



We wound up at a cool place somewhere out in the Delta … Lots of cool power and ski boats to watch …

Ken “Holeshot” Hunter entertained us by fixing his snapped handlebar in the parking lot … He managed to get the throttle cables exposed so he could sort of pull on them with his thumb, and get the bike rolling … I was impressed, anyway …

After a two hour brunch (the restaurant had trouble with their high-tech ordering system), Kalle and I managed to get left behind by Ben and Suzie, despite the fancy communication gear they were using to heard us cats … we lost the group in the delta and made our way back to the city the way we’d come …

So a typical SFMC ride … we may not be organized, but at least we’re flaky … ha.


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