Posted by: caryandjohn | March 31, 2013

Visit with Cousin Bev and John… and Dandy

I made my way over to Sun City – 30 east of Phoenix – to visit my cousins John and Bev and their super cute doggy, Dandy…





Bev and John moved into their new home at Wood Dale Village – an independent living village for 62 and older- about a month ago and seem to have settled in well- it’s quite a lovely place. Water fountain outside their apartment …


Wood Dale village is privately owned and nearly full to capacity…You can understand why- everyone we passed on the sidewalk was super friendly, the grounds are well maintained and dinner was really tasty.

Sharon the super sweet Marketing Director knows all the residents personally and was delightful to talk with … You can tell she really cares about the residents.


One of several statues on the grounds…


The dining room… All meals are included in the cost of living and residents can opt for “take out” or eating in the dining room. We took ours back to the apartment- very tasty- complete with strawberry ice cream.


After dinner Bev and I took Dandy for a walk, met the local ladies and their dogs and came back to the apartment. John and Bev have traveled all over and lived/worked in Germany for years. Bev also creates the most wonderful travelogue slide shows – we watched one of Cousin Jen’s wedding celebration- it was like being there – and another of John and Bev’s north- mid west America trip – lots of fun!

The John and Bev DuVal museum, including a replica of the plane John flew on in WWII and pieces of the Berlin Wall- They were there when the wall was torn down- John and Bev took these pieces…


It was so nice visiting with John and Bev – I’ve always held a warm place in my heart for them both. John married my mom and dad and my sister and Mehdi and many others in my family. I’m so glad to have made the visit.



  1. Hey Cary: So glad you could make the visit. I know John and Bev really enjoyed your company. They look great! Great pictures and such a beautiful place to live. Please send them my love……hard to believe it’s 15 years since we saw each other! Take care.

  2. That’s great to see John and Bev are doing so well. There are so many good memories of those special days we had together.

  3. It was nice – we looked at all sorts of pictures and I shared pics of the kids with them. They asked after you and mom and dad.

  4. Hi Dad- it was a really nice visit. John and Bev have lived the lives of 6 people- really great stories. Glad I made the trip.

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