Posted by: caryandjohn | March 30, 2013

Phoenix with Andy and Mike

A good friend of Andy’s and the SFMC- Mike Golden generously opened up his house and garage for me to stay. Andy lives about 4 miles away and came over just after work. Mike’s got the garage and a great basement fully equipped with a slot machine and soda machine- awesome accommodations for a weary traveler and can be considered a second home for the SFMC since Mike has put us up in the past- last time 13 of our crew!

Pics of Heidi and Jerry, Mike’s super friendly dogs, the garage, the party basement and views of palm trees from the back porch…





For dinner we ventured over to Casey Moore’s Oyster House- a great people watching place near the college with a huge outdoor patio, and good food. The weather was just right for a t-shirt and no hoodie!



The men’s bathroom was intriguing- a water fall trough – pic from the other side of the fence


This morning for breakfast at Annie’s Biscuits


No breakfast would be complete without burnouts… Mike burning up the tread on a tire that later today he’s gonna swap out


Working on pulling wheel off…


The guys are heading over to a do-it-yourself shop to change the tires. I’m going to head over and visit with my cousin Bev and John in Sun City…



  1. Hi Cary,
    Best to Andy and Mike! Looks like you are having a great time … remember me to Bev and John … ride safe!
    — John A

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