Posted by: caryandjohn | January 26, 2013

SFMC Awards Banquet

The San Francisco Motorcycle Club held what was probably pretty close to its 108th Annual Awards Banquet on Thursday night …





Mike O, Suzy Q and Santa Bob cooked up 60 Dungeness crabs for us to feast on … This involved four hours to cook the fresh crabs on Wednesday and another four hours to clean and crack them … a big cooking project, but the pay-off was one of the best SFMC banquet meals anyone could remember …

Santa Bob arranged the flowers we used to decorate the club and the pic at top is one of Bob’s arrangements we brought home to put in the vase that Linda and Gary gave us when we got married …



Kalle presenting Jack Young with an award for the work he did in restoring the hardwood floor in the clubhouse last year …

Everyone agreed that it was the best banquet since the last one …



  1. What a very nice occasion and that vase is beautiful – congratulations

  2. Really glad that you both enjoyed yourselves. And John; a personal thanks for pulling together the meeting to get Mike and I paid, makes it way easier to take that kind of money out of your pocket if it comes right back. And I understand that dealing w/ the meeting probably wasn’t real high on your want do do right now list. Thanks. Santa smiles.

  3. Thanks pop! Love u, cary

  4. Hi Santa Bob,
    It was a wonderful party … I had fun running a sort-of meeting … I think it helped people pay attention to the trophy presentations … ha!
    see you soon,
    — John A

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