Posted by: caryandjohn | January 19, 2013

Pool Party …

We had our annual pool tournament with the Oakland Motorcycle Club today at our clubhouse …



About ten of the San Jose Dons showed up, too … Ernie brought in a roasted turkey and Jim and Laura helped feed everyone, while Page and Kevin tended the fountain …



By the time I had to leave I think we were leading by a couple of pool games, and the guys were getting ready to play foosball … we usually win at pool, while the OMC always beats us at foosball … we’ll see about this year …



  1. We won! Both events, yea! Fritz pulled it off in the last game and it was right down to the wire. Great job, I didn’t see the first foosball game that we won but I was teamed up with Page and he is one hell of a foosball player and won our game handily. Thanks to all those who worked hard to make this event a success, Jimbo, Laura, Wayne and Ernie plus everyone who attended.

  2. Hey Steve,
    Yay, SFMC! Can’t remember ever winning in foosball, and it’s always great to win a pool … we’ve got a bit of a streak going …
    Thanks to you for heading up the Pool Party Committee … a great success!
    see you at the fountain,
    — John A

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