Posted by: caryandjohn | January 5, 2013

New Year’s Eve

The goal of riding our KLRs 1000 miles through the cold and rain to Baja was to meet Jim and Christine and celebrate the New Year in Bahia de los Angeles …

But first, we had to celebrate with the crew from Ena Riders …



That’s me and the President of Ena Riders, a motorcycle club from Japan … I didn’t get his name because they didn’t speak any English, and we didn’t speak any Japanese … They’ve been around since 1970, their sticker says so …


It was a bit of a communication problem until Jim pulled out his smart phone and started showing pics of his Bonneville and flat track race bikes …



Turns out that in some subcultures photos of motorcycles is the universal language …


The Ena Riders were a jolly crew and knew how to party … we certainly had fun!


The next order of business was hats … Cary and Christine made some fun new Year’s hats …



We met a gal named Carlina, who has been living in Baja for thirty years … she invited us to her party-hat making party at her lovely home …



That’s Carlina, on the right …


We had a lovely cocktail hour with Carlina’s friends, and then had dinner at Guierrmo’s …


We had the longista … yum .

And then, on to join everyone in Bay of LA at Casa Diez … where the party was … everyone was there, the Ena Riders, Carleena and her friends, folks we’d met at the taco stand, and the rest of the town …



The band played ’til 4 am, very loud and well … Cary and I danced the night away …

So … mission accomplished ..



  1. Another great new year for really great people, looks like fun.

  2. Hey Steve,
    It was a lot of fun, if also a long, cold ride this winter …
    Maybe March is a better time to go … longer days and warmer weather …
    Certainly the people are always great!
    see you soon!
    — John A

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