Posted by: caryandjohn | December 23, 2012

Julian, California …

Well, I’ve got a bad chest cold, but Cary is plying me with orange juice, vitamins and ibuprofen … we hit the road around 10 am … No rain gear today, yay! It was cold and windy in the high desert of the Antelope Valley, though …

We took 138 which dumps you out on I-15 at Mormon Rocks … Lots of threatening clouds and snow up in the San Bernardino mountains … Did I say it was cold?

It seemed like we finally got out from under the winter storm as we descended into Riverside County … Cut up via Mount Palomar on Rt 76 … It was a beautiful ride … it was dark by the time we got to Julian, so we stopped about forty miles from Tecate …


Julian is a fun little town, with lots of shops, all decked out for the holidays …

We lucked into a room at the Julian Inn and had a great meal Rongbranch Restaurant, and Cary was a hit with everyone we saw, wearing her new lighted gloves that David got her for Christmas …


The problem with Julian is that it is at 4000′ … it’s 37 degrees out right now … we’ll see how much we like it here tomorrow morning … ha.

Anywho, 260 tough, cold miles … Not sure why it took all day, it felt like we didn’t dawdle … we plan on getting to Guadalupe Canyon tomorrow … we’ll see …



  1. Brrrrr….snow mobile helmets and gear works great on motorcycles too.
    May have to revise your xmas list!

  2. Hey Steve!
    Good advice … anything to stay dry, that’s the trick … 🙂
    Thanks for reading and posting!
    — John

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