Posted by: caryandjohn | November 20, 2012

More Vegas …

David and me on scooters in the desert east of Las Vegas … Cary says “my two favorite men …”

Some of my friends laugh to see me on a scooter, but the truth is: I’m really a moped guy … In the late ’70s New Jersey passed a new law allowing 16 year-olds to ride a moped … My folks got me one, and I was off … Every by-way, path and trail in that part of the world became a road, and you can explore, endlessly … so I did … Spring, summer and fall … So, anyway, it’s all about the ride, and exploring, and a scooter works great! We had a good experience renting from Eaglerider in Las Vegas …

Cary and I are in Gardnerville, Nevada tonight having gotten lucky with the weather … A beautiful, snowy cold ride over Carson Pass on our way to the Saline Valley for Thanksgiving on the KLRs …


We had a great meal at JT’s Basque Restaurant … A ton of good food, cheap … don’t miss it!



  1. JT’s is the best! Been trying to get the rest of the club there for several years. Picon punch, the classic basque drinks, are the speciality. Lamb chops and french fries, yum. Makes my mouth water. Did you manage to get a look at the tree porn in the bathroom? All the best.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!
    lisey, tucker and pauly

  3. Hey Bob! Argh! Missed the men’s room … Didn’t realize that was the place … Gives me a good reason to go back soon, what a wonderful place!
    Thanks for reading,
    Cary and John

  4. Hi Lisey,
    Happy Thanksgiving … Best to Tucker and Pauly!
    Cary and John

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