Posted by: caryandjohn | October 24, 2012

Dinner with the kids and Charley

Went over to San Anselmo Tuesday night for dinner with the kids and Charley…

Simon, Ruby, August, Charley John and Cary

Simon and Ruby are such a huge help around the house.. Ruby got the kids their bath, Simon helped with getting dinner ready and both helped with cleaning up afterwards.

Charley John saying “goodnight” to Uncle John

We texted John to say good night, while John is on his awesome ride to Death Valley… After the kids went to bed, Charley made a nice fire- the first fire of the year- and we watched “Halloween” which I was able to handle a little better than when I was a teenager… although I have to admit to walk home from the garage was a little scary! Next week is Halloween and the kids are getting so excited with the house decorated and their costumes all ready.



  1. Hi Cary,
    Looks like a nice dinner, sorry I missed it!
    See you soon,
    — John

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