Posted by: caryandjohn | October 23, 2012

Total Loss Tour, Day One

Why “Total Loss Tour”?

My silly Triumph has … wait for it … charging issues … Shocking, I know …

Anyway, I’ve got the usual (brand new) battery, plus both KLR batteries as back-ups … Brought two battery chargers and all sorts of cables …

We rode all day, and the bike ran fine all day … Still only had 12.5 volts in the motel parking lot, though …

Ready to go, in our rain gear … Didn’t get rained on, ha!

The bikes in Patterson …

We rode about 350 miles today …



  1. Hey John, 12.5 volts is GREAT for  battery with the bike off. If the bike is running you want to see 13 or so volts. Sounds like you are good to go. Bring it by sometime and I can look at your charging setup with you if you want. Watch out for the sand. Ivan


  2. Nice, I’m guessing you can run without the headlight during the day?
    Thanks for the update.

  3. Hey Ivan,
    Thanks for posting! I have an electronic ignition on this bike and I’ve heard it needs 12.3 at least … Not getting 13 with the bike running and rev’ed up … Started with 12.92 this am and had 12.3 tonight … I think I had 12.5 last night because we were running 2nd and third and pulling hard up in the rpms getting over the pass on Rt 155 … I’ll try to see what I’m getting with the bike running again … I’d love to bring it by and see what you think … On the NorCal TT it was 11.8 at the end of the day … Will look out for sand, ha!

  4. Hi Steve!
    Thanks for following along! Yes, I’m running without the headlight … On the NorCal TT it was hot, and the battery was at 11.8 or so at the end of the day … Seems to be doing better in cooler weather …?

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