Posted by: caryandjohn | September 21, 2012


We had a wonderful visit, on Wednesday at the Oakland Motorcycle Club and on Thursday at the SFMC, from Nathan, who’d ridden a Honda CT 105 from Australia to San Francisco …

Nathan's "postie", Dot, in Monument Valley ...

Nathan’s “postie”, Dot, in Monument Valley …

Nathan has ridden this bike, a 105cc, air-cooled, single cylinder, four-stroke making maybe nine horsepower 30,000 miles in ten months, through 19 countries. It has a top speed of about 45 mph.


Cary and I headed over to the OMC to meet Nathan and listen to his epic tale of traveling so far on such a tiny motorcycle …

The OMC …

Mike Ofiesh giving Nathan a box of Dots candy (his Honda’s name is Dorothy, or Dot for short, ha).

Nathan turned out to be a kind soul and entertaining story teller …





Pics of Dot … Nathan changes the oil every thousand miles, by turning it up-side-down and dumping it out of the filler because Nathan had to glue the drain plug into the case when the threads failed …


Nathan’s patch from his travels …
His budget for the trip was $600 … Nathan wants to ship his bike back to England, but didn’t know if he could afford it … We passed a hat and raised $300, which the OMC matched, putting his budget back in his pocket …

The ladies loved Nathan!

We invited Nathan to come and speak for our members, which he did, and we also raised $600 for Nathan’s “Ship Dot Home” fund … Home for Dot is England …



Dot in the SFMC ...

Dot in the SFMC …

Nathan and Dot in the SFMC ...

Nathan and Dot in the SFMC …

John, Nathan and Ben outside the San Francisco Motorcycle Club

John, Nathan and Ben outside the San Francisco Motorcycle Club

Those last three pics are from Nathan’s Facebook page …

We hope Nathan will return to San Francisco, soon … we found him to be a delightful fellow …



  1. What a great story! I hope all goes well for Nathan. I really appreciate your blog and the time you take to make it so engaging, it is something I always look forward to and I always feel better and more connected to the motorcycling community after I read it. Steve.

  2. Hi Steve,
    Thanks for reading and for the complements on our “mom” blog … I have to say that the blog makes me feel more connected to our motorcycling community too … We’ve missed you the last few meetings, probably because you’ve been spending so much time finishing up the clubhouse projects! Thanks for all that quality electrical work, the place looks great!
    Best to Steph, and hope to see you soon,
    — John A.

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