Posted by: caryandjohn | September 19, 2012

Gerry Piazza Frame & Wheel

We took a bike to Gerry Piazza Frame & Wheel, on the recommendation of Lisa Kinberger, to have the handling on the Ninja optimized or “blueprinted.”

Gerry, a long-time AFM club racer, uses a fancy frame jig to measure a bike, and then tweak it to bring the frame and front end alignment so that the wheels track straight …



Gerry was working on a wheel when I was there … I asked him if it was OK for me to take a pic of his shop … Some frame guys won’t even let you in to their shops because frame optimization is a bit of a black art, and they don’t want to give away their secrets … Gerry said “sure, you can take a pic–it takes more than a frame jig to be a frame man …” Ha.

We got the Ninja used, so we didn’t know its history, other than it had been a street-bike and had the apocryphal “tip over in a parking lot…”

We’ll see if Cary has a better time turning the bike now the she knows it is straighter than from the Kawasaki factory …

We’re doing a Ken Hill day at Thunderhill tomorrow, on Feel Like a Pro rental bikes … Should be fun …


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