Posted by: caryandjohn | June 26, 2012

On to Austin, Nevada

Up at 4:50am, roaring down Rt 95, missing the left in town for Rt 6, I’m in Goldfield before I realize that I’m 25 miles south of where I think I am … ouch! That’s a total of 125 miles away from where we should be over the last two days … good thing our Kawasakis have massive stock gas tanks …

We have a huge breakfast in order to regroup …


There is a Harley parked in the cafe, so we must be in the right place …

Turn around, head north, cover a total of 50 miles back to where we started, and buy a gallon of gas to fill the tank back up …

Road Abandoned Not Maintained …

The dry lake in the distance is Mud Lake, a X-15 emergency landing site …


The riding the rest of the morning is tough, typical Nevada riding, featuring deep sand and loose rocks … We stay lost for hours before finally bailing out to the paved Belmont Road …

A couple of herds of wild horses gallop along with us … Just amazing … I can only get this bad picture …




We finally loop back where the navigation is easier, and find 127 into White Sage Canyon, and have lunch up high by an old mine cabin overlooking Antelope Peak …



The ride back down White Sage Canyon is steep, sandy and spectacular …

The wind picks up and we fight it through Manhattan (014), Round Mountain (Rt 376, gas in Hadley) and Kingston, where we run into Phil and Dave on Kingston Pass Road (002), who have also had a long tough day, at one point covering three miles in three hours.

Water crossing pounded by Kalle on the way down from Kingston Summit (8689′ FSL) …


Pretty flowers and the Pony Motel …

Next: Gabbs, Lucky Boy Pass and The Elbow …



  1. Amazing.

  2. Hey Steve, This was a tough day navigating and with the sand and rocks and being lost most of the day, so of course it will be the day we remember … ha. The wild horses were really neat to see …
    Thanks for reading and commenting!
    — John A

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