Posted by: caryandjohn | June 21, 2012

Ancient Bristlecone Forest

We set up camp in Brown’s Town, a nice private, RV-style campground right in Bishop. The next morning saw us heading out with Dave, Phil, Art and Kevin … We lost those fast guys going up one of the canyons on the east side of the Owens Valley when the going got tough … My poor KLR was overheating … That’s my story, anyway … ha.

So, Kalle and I headed up to the Ancient Bristlecone Forest …





We rode up to The Patriarch Grove, over 11,000 feet in elevation, and hiked a short nature trail …

The road to the White Mountain Research Station …



Explored the trail down Crooked Creek, and found a cool stream to soak our feet … Some of the wildflowers and a butterfly …

Returned to camp tired and hungry, and had a wonderful steak dinner, and heard about Phil’s adventure following Casey McCoy’s killer GPS single-track routes …

Soon … lots of water in Silver Canyon and Wyman Creek Road …


  1. Looks great! Hope I can tag along with you all some day.

  2. Hey Steve,
    I’m sure we’ll ride out there with you one day soon. Austin is only two days away from us, if you ride slow and camp in the Sierras on the way … and I have a better idea of where the hot springs are now … Thanks for reading and posting! — John A.

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