Posted by: caryandjohn | May 8, 2012

More Mendo NF Rally

I had a nice ride up to Lake Pillsbury on Wednesday, and after meeting two of the rally organizers, Cory and Marcia, at the campground, went and found a spot to spend the night on Mt. Sanhedrin because our group campground would not be ready ’till Thursday …



The bad weather showed up the next morning. I spent Thursday in our new, dry and warm tent, waiting near the top of Mt. Sanhedrin for the storm to pass, which it did by Friday morning …



Here is the intersection of Bartlett Springs Road and Twin Valley Road and the causeway on Twin Valley Road …


I went and found the seasonal hot spring west of the big water crossing and homestead at the north end of Twin Valley … This time of the year it was a cold spring, though … It was fun to find, though, and watch the sulphur springs boiling up through the creek bed …



The Soda Creek store had the “thank you” card that my friend Ethan Dale and the club sent them almost a year ago, for helping Ethan and his riding buddies change a flat tire on one of their motorcycles last season, prominently displayed … Very nice to see the card again!



The Soda Creek Store is staffed by a cast of real mountain characters, and is always a fun place to get gas and a cool drink …




On Friday, I had a nice ride with Willem, up Mts Hull and Sanhedrin, and Saturday explored all the side trails off M6 … Dean cooked all day on Saturday to prepare a pulled-pork feast we enjoyed on Saturday night, which featured a beautiful full moon on the lake … I’m looking forward to attending again next year!



  1. Looks great, and the KLR appears to be doing well also.

  2. So far so good with the KLR … keeping my fingers crossed! So for it uses less oil than the old, broken motor did …
    See you soon!
    — John A

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