Posted by: caryandjohn | April 29, 2012

Steve’s New Bike

I used to own this 1976 Kawasaki KT250, and passed it on to a better home in Jim Hoogerhyde’s garage. Jim passed it on to Steve Smith at last Thursday’s club meeting …



It is a good example of a cult bike, that is very desirable for AHRMA vintage trials events, which is what I used it for …

Nice to see Jim paying it forward to another club brother!

If you have any parts for a KT250, let us know …



  1. I managed to pick the lock on the ignition and have a spark. I also packed the gas tank into the dryer surrounded by pillows and full of 1/4×20 nuts as a gas tank tumbler to remove the rust inside, shouldn’t be long before a test fire and first ride.

  2. Hi Steve,
    Great job! That key in my toolbox was for another bike, but I did look for it …. Sounds like you are going to be the best owner that bike has had in years!
    See you soon,
    — John A

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