Posted by: caryandjohn | April 12, 2012

SFMC Dodges Flood

According to news reports and chatter amongst our neighbors, a combination of high tide and an intense spring cloudburst brought flooding back to Folsom Street between 17th and 18th Streets …

High water stopped about a half-foot from the Club’s front door. Every other building on the west side of Folsom was flooded to some extent …


The taco shop next door …


The cleaning crew the city brought in and will pay for … The city is telling the business owners that the city will not pay for loss of business, however …




Some of the businesses and a stack of sandbags sitting unused in flood water … It’s been about two years since the last big flood, and we’ve all let our guard down …


More cloudbursts are predicted for today, and Skipper is going to try to get some sandbags in his cab later today to replace the ones we used to have by the door …

Never a dull moment!


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