Posted by: caryandjohn | March 29, 2012

Engine in Oil

Werk Statt saved the debris in my oil, so I got the new trailer out to go get the KLR … But first I had to borrow a saw from Kalle so I could install the plywood deck that I’d gotten from Builders Supply a couple of days ago … it was just a smidgen too long to fit ….


I set up a fence with the two-foot, one-eighth inch piece that Builder’s Supply lopped off … I cut off another quarter inch … Now we’re readier to roll, after I drilled holes and bolted the plywood to the trailer … Turns out the KLR is too long for the trailer, but I loaded it up sideways and got it home …

Here are some pics of what impending engine failure looks like in an oil pan:






The screen shown fits on the tip of your finger, and is designed to catch stuff that should not be in your oil … So, now I have to get the engine out of the 2001 … see if it takes me as long now that I’ve had some practice …


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