Posted by: caryandjohn | February 8, 2012

Mickey’s AFM Club Racing Blog

My friend and fellow racer and SFMC member, Mickey Fimbres, has a cool blog where he’s been keeping us all posted about racing his fairly unusual Kawasaki Ninja 650 in the AFM’s 650 Twins class, which is basically a superbike, or almost-anything-goes, class, where all engine modifications are allowed as long as you stay within the displacement restriction … Mickey’s Kawasaki is unusual because most of the bikes in the 650 Twins class are first-generation Suzuki SV650s … here’s the link to Micky’s blog:

Mickey posted this fun picture of us at Thunderhill last season in Turn 2 … you can see by how much more tucked in and racy Mickey looks (what you can see of him passing me on the outside, anyway), is that I’m slow and rusty … notice the bend in my shoulder to my right arm, where Mickey’s is almost straight, with his head under the windscreen and closer to the tank … much better form than me! I felt pretty good out there, which is why photos are so helpful … a photo can clearly illustrate areas that need attention … here is a link to the much bigger image on Mickey’s blog here.

Mickey, 93, passing me in Turn 2 at Thunderhill

Mickey, 93, passing me in Turn 2 at Thunderhill

We’ll see how things go this season … we were looking forward to heading to the WSMC in February to dust off the cobwebs … but the club abruptly shut down last week, due to low entries causing the track owner to regularly loose money … here is a link to the article in Roadracing World:

So now we’re shooting for a Zoom-Zoom track day on March 5 at Thunderhill and Cary’s first race of the AFM season at Buttonwillow on March 16-18th, 2012 …

See you in the pits!


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