Posted by: caryandjohn | January 29, 2012

New Race Bike

Cary’s new race bike!



It’s a 2009 Ninja 250, SFMC blue of course, so it matches her new leathers … Cary got it for a good price, which is one way of saying it needs a lot of work … ha. You’d have thought we’d have learned our lesson with the VTR … Double ha. Of course, we love the bikes we have to wrestle to the ground to get running … once they are running well … Grrr.



Today, we spent all day in the garage, getting the carbs off the bike (always painful with a production bike), so that we could clean them … The bike starts up and sounds strong, but won’t idle and stalls when you give it gas … Classic symptoms of clogged carbs (modern gas evaporates worse than gas used to, leaving a gummy residue that blocks all the little jets in the carbs).

Oh well, never a dull moment! See you in the pits, Cary & John




  1. Jeez Cary, it’s a beauty. Hope that it will take you safely, to the winners circle. Go !

  2. Nice collection of trophies in the background, nifty neato!

  3. Hi Steve, Neato trophies, but they’re all old, like me … no cool new dirt bike finisher’s pin for me … ha!

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