Posted by: caryandjohn | January 16, 2012

San Francisco Motorcycle Club Awards Banquet

Cary and I attended the San Francisco Motorcycle Club’s 2011 Awards Banquet on January 14, 2012. This year, we had it at Buca de Beppo’s on 5th and Brannon Street in the city …



Kalle made all the trophies this year, and they were a big hit … He will also be the SFMC President in 2012.

Cary also got second place among the women members for 2011 riding season points (we award trophies at the end of the season based on attendance at club rides and events over the course of the year). No trophy or medal for this, but a nice photo opportunity with outgoing President Brian Holm …

Cary and new member Caroline with Brian Holm.


Kalle accepting one of his nice trophies for his Perfect Score in 2011.

Tucker, Lesee and the gang at Buco de Beppo.

Benny, Ari, Chuck, me and Merrilee enjoying the banquet.

We all had a super time and are all looking forward to our season this year!



  1. Good Times, congratulations Cary!

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