Posted by: caryandjohn | January 8, 2012

AMA District 36 MC Competition Awards Banquet

Slim and I went to represent the SFMC and race committee at the District 36 MC Competition annual awards banquet on Saturday night to support the racers and hand out awards to the kiddies who we’ve sponsored over the last seven years or so.

Slim awarding trophy to 3rd place winner for overall pee wee group 4

Angel Gepford accepting her award for the pee wee group 4

The banquet is well attended with hundreds of racers and their families. Lots of effort is put into making it a special event!

Inside the banquet hall at the San Joaquin County Fair Grounds

The stage where every awardee gets to cross and accept their award and KTM raffle bike that went to a young district member only 12 years old!

The SFMC race committee (Slim and Cary) were given VIP treatment, with ushered seating to the up front VIP section with wine and dinner on the house – carved beef, pork tenderloin, veggies, salad and bread and the largest cake we’ve ever seen.

Complimentary bottle of wine for the VIP's 🙂

The cake! with a picture of the district.

Slim and I represented the SFMC well with our sweaters and the SFMC logo was featured prominently on the cover of the program and on the dirt track trophies

Picture of our SFMC sweaters on some of the SFMC race team members

Banquet program with SFMC recognized

Jimmy Abrams of A & A racing's dirt track trophy - with SFMC logo

It was a great evening with good food, nice people and lots of fast folks all in one building.   love, cary




  1. Way to represent! Great job!

  2. thanks steve! it was a good time

  3. Hey Steve! Cary is super badass … I fell over twice … ha! You are now our top commenter, since Flo started commenting using mascot Grant’s account … Yay for Steve Smith!

  4. Hope this works; I’m such a Luddite.

  5. Hey Santa Bob! Looks like it’s working … we Luddites have to stick together … ha! 🙂

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